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Interview with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine


The work of Australian artist Erin Nicholls is a reflection of an artistic life lived well. From learning Old Masters’ oil painting techniques in Florence, to travelling around the world for inspiration, not only has her time abroad given her a breadth of knowledge, it has also given her an insight into the beauty of fleeting moments which she expertly captures in her unique style. Now settled in Brisbane and taking the leap of faith to work as an artist full-time, she draws on her past experiences to create work that resonates with anyone who has ever felt like the outsider or appreciated that a time and place will never be repeated; feelings most of us have probably felt when in a foreign land.

Of course, success and financial stability do not come easy for an artist, and Erin Nicholls is no exception. She has made a lot of sacrifices the past few years and now uses her work as a form of escape to keep the feeling of being a “perpetual tourist” alive. However, as we catch up with Erin for this interview, her recent win at the Bluethumb Art Prize could be a turning point in her career and see her packing her bags again sooner rather than later.

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